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Sean-Gemini - “Inner Me” CD

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Sean-Gemini - “Inner Me” CD

Album Special Features
Includes The Singles: Little Girl Lost & Cocain
Plus Bonus: Computer / DVD Playable Videos Cocain & I See
Special Features: Also Contains A Slide Show

Album Description
Sean-Gemini takes you on a refreshing journey, with music, which is reminiscent of the 70’s. This CD is a climactic explosion of powerful vocals and lyrical content. It gives you a partial view of Sean-Gemini the man, with lyrical content; torn between religious perspectives, hope for the future and the ever so intriguing interaction between a man and a woman. This is definitely an album you want to add to your collection. Truly and R&B Gem. Plus there is an amazing 19 Tracks on this album, Lots of Bang For Your Buck.

Provided courtesy of  MIE
Written By: Swaggah Stal

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